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I was looking up a movie "The Blue Rose or The Black Rose" on this site. There was an answer that fit the same synopsis, but the title was "The Thief of Bagdad". A quest for a blue rose to break a spell. But the film I remember was in black and white and only the blue rose was in color. One particular scene I remember is the hero has to battle a giant hand to gain access to where the blue rose is. could you help me with finding the title and year this movie came out?

Thank You

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your question.  I'm not sure I can answer it for you,…because your description of the film's plot Does sound like the Story of the 1961 version of "The Thief Of Bagdad" starring Steve Reeves.   There Was a blue rose in it,…but No "giant hand".  
The 1940 version, which was the most popular , didn't have a "blue rose "in the plot.  But it Did have a giant "Genie" in it.
However Both were in color.  You can read the synopsis of of the 1961 version here:
Hope this will help you a little.  You may have to send your question again to one of the other experts.


Jim K

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