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I am trying to identify a line that Ethel Merman says.  I want to know where it comes from, a movie or a play.  She says "Who am I? What am I doing here?"
In this link halfway down the page is a videoclip of a performance by an artist and she utters the Ethel Merman line "Who am I?"  Cam anyone assist.


Hi there Tyler,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you re your question.  By now, you may have come up with the answer yourself.  But, if Not,….I'm sure I Have the answer for you.

When I watched the Lypsynka  video clip you supplied, and heard that unique Merman voice belting out "Who Am I?",..I knew right away that it Wasn't from any Merman film,..since I have them all ( mostly a half dozen from the '30's, and a couple from the '50's ),….and I knew that it wasn't from any of her hit B'way shows, either.  ( Maybe from "Happy Hunting", her only flop.)

But then I thought,…AHA,…a TV or record special.  And I remembered a piece of special material she'd used on occasion, when appearing on TV or at an event later in her career.  With That to go by,…I found it !!  Merman appeared in Las Vegas, and used a specially written song for her opening number, called, "Just A Lady Lith A Song'.  The opening line was "Who Am I ?  What Am I Doing Here?)

It's on her album "Merman In Vegas" ( which is available on CD at,…and you can hear it on YouTube , at:


Jim K.  

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