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In the mid to late 60ties I watched two movies with similar plots.  One was a poor black woman became rich and famous (I think through selling pancakes or syrup).  She had a white maid and she had a daughter who was half white.  The daughter resented the mother and only upon the death of her mother was she remorseful for how badly she treated her due to her black heritage.  She is seen clutching the flower covered casket and weeping.  She had left her mother some time before and was presenting herself as white.  The second movie is the exact plot except the mother is white and has a black maid.  The mother becomes a famous actress but her half black daughter resents her.  I may have some details confused, I saw these movies when I was about 10, which is over 40 years ago, but I'd like to see them again.  I appreciate your help.  Thank you.

1934 Film
1934 Film  

1959 Film
1959 Film  
Hello Tracey,

The films you are looking for are both titled "IMITATION OF LIFE". The "pancake recipe" storyline that you remember comes from the 1934 production, which starred Claudette Colbert. The later version, from 1959, starred Lana Turner, Sandra Dee and Juanita Hall as the maid.

Glad to be of help. Cheers......Mel.

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