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Hi Jim,
I am looking for the title of an old what I think I recall as a black and white ghost/comedy movie. It was about a man whose wife was killed in a car accident while driving down a country lane. She came back to haunt him and his new wife until the new wife was also killed. Then both the ladies haunted the husband until he died in a wreck at the same location as his former wives. Then all three ended up in the same house together. I am not sure if I have their deaths in the right chronological order but you get the general idea. It was a smart comedy and I'd love to see if it has been released on DVD. I am a fan of old-school horror movies like the Ghost & Mrs. Muir, The Uninvited and the Robert Wise version of the Haunting which is by far my favorite. I hope you can help! Thank you very much!

Hi Samantha,

Thanks for your question.  Yes, I certainly Do know the film you've described.  It's the 1945 British movie, "Blithe Spirit" starring Rex Harrison and Margaret Rutherford.  It's based on a very popular play written by Noel Coward in 1941, which was a smash hit in England ( and then Broadway) during WWll.  The film was quite popular too, although the very ending was changed a bit.
Unlike the movie,...In the original play, at the end, the husband quietly sneaks out,…( thereby escaping the car crash ), while the two wives battle it out and start trashing the house.
For more information on the film, with cast, credits, and background,…go to :
It's available ifor purchase,.. in various forms, at  Amazon .com.   But if you're going to buy it, make sure you get the color version, and also NOT the British DVD ( PAL)  that can't be played on American DVD players.


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