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What is the title of a certain movie.  The movie opens with a man on a plane.  He has an ear-ring and is asked about it.  He starts to tell the story.  I think he was a pilot in World War II.  His plane went down and he is hidden by a gypsy woman.  There is a wagon that travel in.  I think he was behind enemy lines because his plane crashed.  I think that Anthony Quinn played one of the gypsies.  He returns to the west and then after the war he is flying back.  The movie ends with his getting off the commercial plane to meet the gypsy woman.  I think that one of the lead actors died in the last few years.

Hi Howell,

Sorry for the delay in my answering you,…but I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I have the answer for you.  I recall seeing this film as a little kid,…and although it's available on VHS and DVD ( at ),…I haven't seen it since.  Your inquiry has prompted me to watch it again !

The Paramount Studio film was released in 1947 and was very well received: ,.."Golden Earrings", starring the popular actors Marlene Dietrich and Ray Milland.  The title song written for the film also gained great popularity, and was a hit recording by Peggy Lee at the time.

You can read the full story ….and don't forget to click on "Read The Full Synopsis" at the TCM site)
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