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Need to know the name of a movie. Description below.
1. Pretty old movie. Mostly 50's or 60's.
2. Based during World War.
3. Three friends before the war decide to meet after certain years and keep their money in a lamp in a Bar.
One is guy is quite young then the others.
4. After certain years, when all three meet, their life has changed and do not enjoy their company that much.

I saw it till here, don't know the name or what happened before or after this.

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Hello Sukant,

This was a film called "It's Always Fair Weather". It came out in 1955 and starred Gene Kelly, Dan Dailey and Michael Kidd as the three ex-soldiers, with Cyd Charisse and Dolores Gray as the female leads. Although not as well known as some of the other MGM musicals of the period, this film contained some of the best dance routines ever put on film.

STORYLINE: It's 1945 and Ted, Doug, and Angie are three demobbed soldiers who take a vow to meet up again at a New York bar on October 11, 1955. They all show up on the appointed day, but quickly realise that their friendship isn't what it used to be. However, a TV executive plans to get them all on television in a surprise live TV show. Circumstances are further complicated by the fact that gangsters who are after Ted for gambling debts.  

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