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Jim could not answer :

I recently came across a 16mm, 1931 "Creation". According to the side, it runs approximately 26 minutes (of has 26 minutes of film altogether) however, I read that only 4 minutes are available and the rest has been lost. I have no way to watch this but am very intrigued and didn't know if you had any thoughts!

Hello Reyshelle,

What I know of "Creation" is as follows.... It was in its early stages of production at RKO when it was cancelled. This was primarily because it was becoming a very costly project at the time. A mere 20 minutes of the film was completed, of which 16 minutes of footage has been lost. David O. Selznick took over from William LeBaron as head of production at RKO in 1932 and Selznick's assistant, Merian C. Cooper, had special-effects technician Willis H. O'Brien and his crew kept on the payroll because Cooper had already conceived of the story of "King Kong" and realized O'Brien's stop-motion animation technique would be a practical way to film that project. Some of the footage from "Creation" was actually used in 1933's "King Kong".

The story of "Creation" would have been: A large cruise ship, full of wealthy people, is sailing through the southern part of the Pacific Ocean when it crashes onto an island full of prehistoric animals. The passengers are stranded on the island until help arrives, during which two of the main characters become attracted to each other and ultimately become engaged at the end of the film.

It sounds like a cross between "King Kong" and "The Admirable Crichton".

Hope that's of some help.  

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