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Classic Film/Saw movie, don't no title.


I was at a restaurant and they had a movie on with no sound. I did not see the beginning or end, but I'd like to see it if I can find out the title.

It was a black and white musical about an American Ballet troupe going to Paris. I noticed that they traveled on the Normandie cruise ship, or at least it was in the scene when they landed in France. In addition to the singing leading man and all of the ballerinas there was a wacky band in the film that played all kinds of instruments in an upbeat style in many different scenes. I did not recognize any of the actors, but one of the supporting men might have been William Frawley.

Randy B.

Hi Randy,

Thanks for your question,…and I'm pretty sure I have an answer for you.  I love the old 1930's "Gold Diggers' movie musical series from Warner Brothers  ( which Usually starrred Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler),…but This one starred the very popular radio and movie crooner, Rudy Vallee,..with Rosemary Lane, and a host of great Warner Bros. character actors.  (William Frawley wasn't in it, but both Ed Brophy and Allen Jenkins resemble him.)
It's the 1938 musical "Gold Diggers" in Paris,..with those fantastic and fun musical numbers staged by Busby Berkeley.  If you want to read the full story line, go to :

Be sure to click on "Read the Full Synopsis" at the upper right.  It's available on DVD at

Jim K

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