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In the late 40's my mother had a set of figurines of the Our Gang kids. I remember the figurines in a cabinet in our house when I was about 8 or 9 yr. old. I believe they are plaster of paris but not sure. they are hollow on the inside. I believe they were promotional advertising figurines. I have been all over the net and can't find any reference to them. Back in the day, there were a lot promotional made, Hopalong Cassidy made plenty. Is there any thing you can tell me about these. Im attaching a photo. Thanks, Allen

Hi Allen,

Thanks for your question.  All I could learn about those Our Gang figurines …was that they were originally "give-away" items at theaters,…
back in the 30's ( not the 20's).   It looks like the originals might have been unpainted,…and whoever had them would paint them, …( or maybe get or buy them from another party.
That photo you sent was wonderful;…was that of your mother's set?   Anyway, I'm sending you three sites you can go to, to see the Only Info I could find on them.   It seems that the figurines pictured are bisque or ceramic,….and are Not the exact figures in Your photo.  There are 8 figures,… but one or two are different (…including the dog.)
Hop this helps a little bit.

Jim K.  

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