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I've been looking for the title of a classic movie I once seen about an couple who were having an affair. The man seemed to be in government or a diplomat of some sort but I know he was very important because he had to keep up appearance thus not enabling him to leave his wife for this other woman. The woman was young and blonde I believe, she designed clothes and did most of her work in her apartment which he came frequently. There was one sceen where they were boarding a cruise ship and some ladies were talking about her. You could see the family boarding with this husband then you would see her boarding the ship not very far behind. The ending was of the man having turned ill on his deathbed contemplating breaking social protocal and calling his mistress up. His son angered by what his father did found the woman who, much to his surprise was ill herself, dying from a broken heart. I've been looking for this movie title for years. Do you know what it is?

Hi Shelbi,

Sorry for the delay in replying,…but it took a little time to finally track down what I Believe is the film you're looking for.  The plot basically seems to be the same,..although Not exactly what you've described,.. but, close enough.   ( The story has been filmed several times.)
It's the 1961 Universal Studios popular film, "Back Street" starring Susan Hayward and John Gavin.  ( Check it out on : (under Back Street - Susan Hayward );...  and you can also go to :…for a brief outline of the story ( Be sure to click on "Read the Full Synopsis.)
It's available on DVD and VHS at :

Jim K.

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