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Classic Film/b & w short series?


I've searched the net to no avail: I'm looking for the name of the films:
classic movie short series, black and white, U.S., had a great male narration, no dialogue, and the actor was a comedian, good looking with a toupe. They would do "how to" films and the narrator would say things like, "well, there he goes again" and the actor would fall or something .... any idea?

Dave O\'Brien
Dave O'Brien  
Hi Jan,

Thanks for your question.  Yes,..I know exactly which "shorts" you're looking for.  I remember seeing them as a kid when I went to the local theater on a Saturday morning.  TWO movies, an hour of cartoons, and a comedy short.  The ones you're looking for are the Pete Smith Specialties made at MGM Studios, starring Dave O'Brien, and narrated by Pete himself.  ( Dave also appeared in many other films at MGM and other studios.)
At the time, I didn't care too much for them, because I couldn't see the humor in all the unbelievable ( and dangerous) situations Dave would get into:...although allthe other kids were laughing hysterically over them.
You can get all the info on them, and a complete list if you go to:,....and type in .."Pete Smith Shorts" or "Pete Smith Specialties".
The click on the sites at the top of the list for  'IMDB',... and 'Wikipedia'.
(  And,  I believe some of the shorts may be on )

Jim K.

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