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thank you in advance for your answer.

I've searched the net to no avail: I'm looking for the name of the films:
classic movie short series, black and white, U.S., had a great male narration, no dialogue, and the actor was a comedian, good looking with a toupe. They would do "how to" films and the narrator would say things like, "well, there he goes again" and the actor would fall or something .... any idea?

Hello Jan,

I think you are probably referring to the MGM comedy short film series "Pete Smith Specialties", which were narrated by Pete Smith, were made between 1940 and 1954 and featured Dave O'Brien.

"Stuntman/actor Dave O'Brien became the primary focus of Pete Smith Specialties. The hapless O'Brien would personify everyday nuisances, demonstrating pet peeves, tackling hazardous home-improvement projects, and other problems with which the audience could identify. O'Brien's scenes were shot silent, compelling O'Brien to express his satisfaction or frustration entirely in visual terms as narrator Smith offered a get-a-load-of-this commentary. O'Brien knew the format so well that he also directed many of the shorts, under the name David Barclay. Many of the laughs were generated by Smith's highly ironic, somewhat nasal, voiceover narration."

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