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My sisters and I have been haunted by a movie for a number of years. We remember there was a character called Betty that was offered the blue room to stay in, she is called a lot by a ghostly voice B E T T Y...., the only other piece of information we can remember is an axe going into someone's head in the basement. I've been looking for this movie for years and only have Blue Room references in two other movies and they don't seem to be the ones I remember. Please help. Thank you Catherine

Murder in the Blue Room
Murder in the Blue Roo  
Hi Catherine,
Thanks for your question.  You mentioned that you'd checked for 'blue room' references,...and in my checking, I found several also:...but I would imagine that they're on the Same movies,..and Not the one you're looking for.

However,  here's what I found.  Universal Studios made a film in 1933 called "The Secret of the Blue Room",...which they Remade in 1938 as "The Missing Guest",..and then Remade it again in 1944 as "Murder in The Blue Room" ( even adding some comedy and several songs.)  All of them had a mysterious 'blue room' that was haunted.  However, I didn't see anymention of a "Betty" or an axe murder.
So, perhaps you might send your question again to one of the other 'movie experts' at this site.  But,...if you think this might be the film you're looking for,  you can check the above titles at,...and even watch the 'trailer' and the complete movie  of "Murder in the Blue Room" on YouTube,  at :

Jim K.

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