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I've been searching the internet for a classic movie I saw quite a few years ago and had no luck. The original movie (I think) was based on a play. It entailed a young woman who dreams of being a fashion designer, and she falls in love with a man who I believe frequented her aunt's(?) seamstress shop. He asks her to meet him at the steamboat to run away and marry, but she misses the boat. She later meets him in NYC, but he has already married someone else. The two are still in love and proceed to have an affair for decades. He is severely ill from a stroke (original movie but by car accident in the remake) and calls her to tell her he loves her before he dies. In the original film, the man was played by a French(?) actor. In the remake, I thought it was Rock Hudson but when I searched his movies, it wasn't there in the plot synopses. I may have mixed up some of the details between the original and the remake. I tried to remember as much as possible to help. Thank you!!

Hi Marcia,
Sorry for the delay,..but although the plot of the movie you described sounded familiar to me,...I couldn't quite put my finger on it right away.  At first, I thought it might be one of Rock Hudson's films with Jane Wyman ( because she played a fashion designer in one of her movies),,..but then realized that it wasn't one of Hudson's roles either.  Your mention of a French actor clinched it for me,..and I finally remembered the film you're looking for.
Yes, was a 30's movie ( two times, actually), and then remade a third time in 1961 starring Susan Hayward and John Gavin (definitely a "Rock H.' type).  The title was "Back Street", based on the popular 1931 novel by Fannie Hurst.   First made in 1932, it starred Irene Dunne and John Boles.
Then it was remade in 1941 ( with some plot and character changes)..with Margaret Sullivan and Charles Boyer.  And finally remade again in 1961, with even More plot and character changes !  Many people prefer the 1941 version over the glossy technicolored Ross Hunter 1961 version.
Both versions are available on DVD at:
Sincerely, Jim K.

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