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Classic Film/Movie-Keeping Death in a Tree


Ernest wrote at 2006-08-02 07:15:43
On Borrowed Time is in fact the movie that is in question.  I've looked now and again for the exact Title of the film for 30 years and here on the net I've finally stumbled upon it.  The description and cast are exactly as I remember.  I was 10 years old the one time I saw this film (1/2 way through).  It was a Saturday TV matinee and for reasons I can't remember my family had to leave as I was watching.  Now that I know the title maybe I can see it again (decades later).

brenda wrote at 2012-07-11 18:46:18
I love this movie and would love to see it again and again. I have never been able to shake it nor wanted to.  It has impacted me. Wish movies were  still made like this .

Cheyenne wrote at 2012-10-28 20:50:02
Charlotte,  this  movie "On Borrowed Time" was indeed a movie I saw it as a child and cried and every time my mother would remind me of the movie I would cry.  I loved Pud and Barrymore.  I have been searching for the title of this movie for years.  I always would look up 'Death up a Tree" but now I know the title.  Thank you


I would love a copy and to see again

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