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Classic Jazz/The members of Sid Millward and his Nitwits


Pete Lindup wrote at 2008-08-28 16:33:58
I went to see Sid Millward and the Nitwits as often as I could. They remain my all-time favourite variety act.I think the Hollywood Palace clips line-up is, Sid, Wally Stewart, Cyril Lagey, Tony Traverci, Charlie Rossi, Harry Cole, Sid Flood, Arthur Calkin, Tommy Fielding. It's a great shame that precious little exists of this unique outfit.

Pete Lindup wrote at 2008-11-10 16:45:59
The chap you mention (trombonist with gouty foot) was Sid Flood. Here lived here in Blackpool for many years, though, regrettably, I never met him. Other "NitWits" were Wally Stewart (comedian), Cyril Lagey (comedian/dancer), Charlie Rossi (comedian with prop violin), Tony Traverci (piano, clarinet, post horn etc.)Arthur Calkin (sousaphone), Harry Coles (trumpet), Ronnie Genarda (banjo/vocals) and Tommy Fielding (elderly percussionist.Sid Milward, a graduate of British dance-bands, led the group from late 1930s right up to his death in USA in mid-1970s.

Milla wrote at 2008-12-27 22:29:29
I found the answer thanks to you, guys. It was Sid Flood, I was looking for. He was the grandfather of Pet Shop Boys's keyboardist, Chris Lowe. Thanks a lot. I wrote the original question.

Adrian Millward wrote at 2009-01-27 18:17:46

The trombonist was a fellow called Sid Flood. The black guy was Cyril Lagey and the chap in the kilt was Ronnie Grenadere. The Stooge was Charlie Rossy. The bloke with the monicle was Wally Stewart. Arthur Calkin played the Sousaphone And I can't remember his first name, Mr ? Cole played the trumpet. The leader was my dear old dad, Sid.


ronald regan wrote at 2009-01-29 21:04:55
re sid millward and the nitwits trombone player. I worked with members of the nitwits in nuts and bolts for over thirty years and know quite a lot on this subject. The trombone player was probally SID FLOOD he was one of the long serving members along with my partners cyril lagey (black man) and antonio traversi they spent most of the sixties in the stardust hotel las vegas often to standing ovations...a truly great act

Mike Higham wrote at 2011-06-04 22:52:04
I do know that one of the trombone players was Sid Flood from Blackpool. I ran a band under the name The Vintage Syncopators, working mainly in the NW of England. After Sid Millward died, Roy bradley took over the Nitwits and it went downhill. Sid Flood returned to Blackpool and at one point hoped to join my band, at age 70+, and organise a contract at the Lido in Paris for starters. The band did not wish to go pro and I lost touch with Sid - sadly.

Cheers Mike

Fran wrote at 2011-08-22 09:08:09
Hello! As far as I know, Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe's grandfather was the trombonist in The Nitwits. Greetings!

Yongrimble wrote at 2013-10-07 16:16:40
I remember Sid Flood from the late 70's. His daughter Vivienne used to sell hats on the pleasure beach at Blackpool . he would come and visit, a shortish chap, who always wore dark glasses. A nice man, a great character.

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