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hello  how are you?  i am from france, so sorry for my bad english, i want to ask about a song that i can't find, i heard it on the television series crime story 1986, but immposible to get soundtrack ,  i describe you a song, i think it's a black singer , lyrics are: please forgive me , you know it's true i don't want none none else but you, now the key, key to my heart is in your hands, ohhhhhh night at night i try , tryed to find a little peace to ease my world , use the heartache you left behind with that dirty lon............. , thanks if you can help me. i put a little peace of song on youtube;

   I've done quite a bit of research, but have no real conclusions.  I did find this website and they have started a list of the songs on the show.  If you know the name of the episode where you heard the song it would be very helpful.  Hope this helps.


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