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I was introduced to the Dave Brubeck Quartet in high school and have listened to the group for over fifty years, and with his recent passing, I am interested in how he and his group fit into the Jazz Experience. Youe response would be very much appreciated.

  Great question.  In my opinion,  Brubeck and his group(more specifically Paul Desmond-sax)have a unique place in jazz.  First, they were arguably the first jazz group to really delve into odd time signatures like 5/4 and 7/4 that had any real "chart" success.  Songs like "Take 5" and "Blue Rondo Ala Turk" are now an integral part of the jazz lexicon.  What was equally interesting was Desmond's tone on the sax.  Unlike other players such as Charlie Parker or Sonny Rollins, Desmond had a very gentle tone on the sax.  To me it is almost more akin to a clarinet.  He still played with great intensity.  This, combined with well thought out arrangements made the group very listener friendly on the surface, but still very deep musically.  I hope this helps.


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