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Classic Jazz/Art Peppers "Patricia"


I have 3 different songs in my Art pepper collection. they are all named Patricia (Songbird confims as well as album databases) but they sound nothing alike.

1 Off of Art Pepper Today also Complete Galaxy recondings 10:27
2 Off of The Croydon Concert Unreleased Art vol3 19:42
3 The Return of Art pepper 3:39

whats the deal here?

  I looked up these recordings and was only able to hear 1 of Art's.  I'm not totally sure the deal here, but many jazz musicians will record a song and not worry about the name.  In fact, Charlie Parker rarely named his songs and it was left to the recording crew/record company to name the tracks.  It could come down to a total rewrite of the song or perhaps a mistake in labeling.  I wish I could be of more help here.



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