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Classic Jazz/Style in Poirot and Gosford Park


What's the style of jazz like in the theme from the TV show Poirot and the soundtrack to Gosford Park? What artists have recorded in that style?

 Since I was not familiar with either of these shows/movies i pulled up the songs on youtube.  The theme for Poirot is what most people would call smooth jazz.  Dave Koz is probably the biggest artist in this style.  Also Candy Dulfer and a bit softer player would be Kenny G.  This music is enjoyed by many because it is much more aurally accessible than more traditional jazz like bebop and modal jazz.  That being the case it is also often looked down upon by traditionalists because it lacks the tension and drive of bop and modal jazz.  Gosford park is what would be referred to as "standards" or show tunes.  Not so much jazz, but as in other standards(Misty, Moonglow, etc) the chords are often used to improvise over by jazz musicians.  Nat King Cole is one musician that comes to mind in this genre.  I hope this helps.


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