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BIGCHE wrote at 2008-07-21 23:18:25
I remember seeing several bands in Arran village halls around 70-72 - Blodwyn Pig, The Sleaz band, Slade (in skinhead mode), JSD Band, Teargas with Alex Harvey guesting ie embryonic SAHB, must be others too if i dig deeper into my memory banks.


Bryce Weir wrote at 2016-02-20 12:33:05
The Kinks played at Lamlash in July (1966?) with Matt McGinn & the Humblsbums as his backing band. My pal & I were resident musicians(?) in the PHT at the time & were warming up for the lunch time session when a guy came in & offered us the chance to appear in the gig that night: "Do youse boys want to back Matt McGinn in the Kinks Concert tonight?". We're never heard of Matt McGinn nor did we know it was a wind up. We turned up at the agreed time & found another 20 odd guys all with guitars, all victims of the same wind up. It was so bad that they had to allocate a room where we could check in our instruments. The night was tremendous. Since we did Kinks numbers as part of our act, it was real incentive to improve. My pal Eric even started to play Kinks-like solos - not quite the same sound on a 12-string accoustic.

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