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Classic Rock/Full name of guitarist named Rod on Pawn Stars a


Chad wrote at 2010-09-10 11:54:48
Still researching. I have visited Ontario, very nice country up there. I have seen Toronto. I went there just to see where Rush got their start. Also Brantford and Hamilton. Hey, I remembered this morning something. Back in the early eighties, a Canadian band named Kick Axe opened for Judas Priest. The guy looks very similar to one of them, but I have yet to find a website for them. I lost my copy of their album back then, but it was called Vices. Perhaps they hooked up with Triumph for some tour dates as well. Great band, as I recall very loud! I was about twelve at the time, had to have my mother take me! She was not thrilled with Priest,but thought Kick Axe had potential. Anyway, there is one more obscure lead to check. I would like to find out if Nevada pawn records are confidential, as seeing a copy of his driver license, which is required to pawn in Florida and I would assume Nevada, would identify him by his real name. I have a friend in Las Vegas, he has been friends off and on with Randy Rhoads' childhood friend Kelly who is a photographer in Vegas. I am trying to contact him. Also, Pawn Stars apparently is reacting to the "buzz" around this character, and asking him to return and explain in more detail his musical background. Man I miss Triumph!! Great band!! Canada is often underrated when it comes to the great bands from there. Tommy Chong is from Vancouver, and played with Jimi Hendrix there in a band called the Vancouvers!!! Still looking my friend, I will have the whole weekend to get the bottom line on this!!!!!!!!

Clint wrote at 2014-07-19 22:05:50
His name is Rod Miller, you can check him out at Rod Miller Guitars in Vegas. He is an excellent guitar player and has played since we were in jr. high together (early 70's).  He was in the early seattle scene.  I'm pretty sure the lp he had was genuine.  

Clint wrote at 2014-07-19 22:15:48
Oh and by the way his band Phoenix plays regularly at Mandolyn Bay.  Check it out....

Bob wrote at 2014-12-09 15:59:01
His name is Rod Miller.  He was the luthier/guitar tech at Cowtown Guitars (the same Cowtown Guitars that Jesse the guitar expert owns) at the time of filming.

And he wasn't actually IN Toto or Triumph.  He just toured with them.

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