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Hello Mike,

Would you like to help me to figure out some lines of these songs?

Loose change:
What does he say at 0.19
I'm hanging out with the boys
Having fun and making noise
I'm looking good, I'm feeling fine
I'm number one ______________?

love is for all times:
What does he say at 1.11
The other night I tried ???

My favourite enemy:
What does he say at 0.50
She knows I go straight into all ??
Every time she looks at somebody else, I go crazy
She's not my friend
?? out of your bed
She is my favourite enemy

Just can't get enough:
what does he say at 0.45
I jump right in through???

Thank you in advance


Hi Christian

Here's what I've got.  For "My Favorite Enemy", I had to use a live performance to figure out the words, but I think it's correct.

Loose Change:
I'm number one on the production line

Love Is For All Times:
The other night, I tried but I could not get it right

My Favorite Enemy:
She knows I go straight into overload
She's not my friend, she's driving me right out of bed

Just Can't Get Enough:
I jump right through

Hope this helps!

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