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I hope you can identify the music in the Youtube video ( at 5:09 and 8:10 minutes.  It was originally broadcast in 1986 on a documentary about Voyager 2's flyby of the planet Uranus but I was never able to identify the piece or the composer.  The second clip is longer and less interrupted by the narrator near its end.  I received an opinion from expert Marbeth at the following link:

Hello Victor,
I don't recognize the music and I agree with everything Marbeth has said about it.
I searched the internet for quite a while and I couldn't find much about this particular episode.  I was thinking it could be an original composition written especially for the documentary by a relatively unknown composer, however it's probably a work written for the concert hall that a music editor clipped into the documentary, which is most commonly done.
I tried to find the music editor and producer of that particular tv episode, but to no avail.
I did find information for other space shows on NOVA.  I tried to find complete video of it hoping there would be credits and a name of an editor you could email and ask what in the world this piece is.  That person may be dead now, too.  I'm at a loss.  If a library had a tape of the thing somewhere where you could call the librarian and ask her to look at the credits.  At this point it might be a little too much work for you.
Sorry I couldn't help. I search randomly in 19th and 20th century music from time to time and I'll let you know if I come across it.
Good luck!


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