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QUESTION: Hi Marbeth
Im wondering if you can help me with the song "Umbrella" by Rihanna. I need to know..
what instruments are used in the song?
what musical elements?
what is the pace/tempo?
what is the vocal style?
what is the structure of the song (not including rap(bridge,chorus e.g.))
what is the rhyme scheme?
is there any literary devices used?
is there any evocative language used?
is their repetition?
in detail can you explain the message of this song - if possible what every line means?
is there anything else I should know regarding this song.
Thanks for volunteering to do this.
Your help is greatly appreciated

ANSWER: This is a homework question.  I cannot, in good conscience, do your homework for you.  You will -not- find an Expert who will do your work for you, either.

The purpose of education is not primarily learning the material.  The purpose is LEARNING HOW TO LEARN.  Asking someone to learn for you is impossible, therefore.  You must learn how to learn on your own.

Your teacher has given you this assignment, it appears to me, to teach you how to research items to check your facts (what you suspect to be true about this song) and to learn how to find your answers elsewhere.

Asking someone to do your work for you - - or buying essays on line, which is, unfortunately, horribly common - - is not the way for you to learn.

If you do not wish to do your homework, I suggest you quit school and find a job.  Know, however, that without an education you will be fit for very little and will be considered by an employer for somewhat less than that.

Wake up and smell the coffee.  And grow up.  And learn how to say 'thank you' when asking for something.

None of this is what you want to hear.  All of it is what you need to hear.

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more questions..
how do you determine the tempo - this is not part of my homework this so i can work out the pace/ tempo of umbrella?
also what is vocal style? do you have to like eh i dunno?
P.S i did say thankyou
anyway thanks
btw how do i answer other qs or is that too much help?

I must say you responded quite well to my tongue-lashing!  Very mature.  Good for you.



Are you asking which formal musical term would be assigned to the speed of this song?  Not sure I understand the question fully.  From the recording I listened to on YouTube, I would call this "moderato" ("moderate").


vocal style:

This has a lot to do with the type of music and also the vocalist's tone quality.

For example, when Queen Latifa recorded "the 40s classics," her tone would be said to be "smoky."  Deep, smooth.  (I don't remember what's on that album, but youtube for "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" or "Fever" or "Misty" to get an example of this kind of sound).  If it's hip hop or metal, the vocal style is likely to be "raw," with lots of sounds from the throat that make the listener cringe, thinking how much it must hurt the throat to do that.

In this song, her tone quality is straight-forward, no strained-throat sounds.  It's a tone quality that would be appealing to everyone.  Neutral.  The words and the music are what would differentiate it for listeners - would a granny like it?  what about a 4 year-old? - not the "color" of her voice.  (Incidentally, I hope she gets the gumption to leave the abuser....what a shame; she's such a great singer and doesn't need that guy beating her!)


I will be happy to help you with some of your questions.  But I don't want to do your assignment!


I stand corrected.  You DID say 'thank you.'  My apologies.

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