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Im wondering if you can help me with the song "Umbrella" by Rihanna. I need to know..
what instruments are used in the song?
what musical elements?
what is the pace/tempo?
what is the vocal style?
what is the structure of the song (not including rap(bridge,chorus e.g.))
what is the rhyme scheme?
is there any literary devices used?
is there any evocative language used?
is their repetition?
in detail can you explain the message of this song - if possible what every line means?
is there anything else I should know regarding this song.
Thanks for volunteering to do this.
Your help is greatly appreciated

All I'm going to say is I can tell you all these things but the important thing is to see something for what it really an internet search...then look at John 3:16 in the bible and keep looking in the bible and pray to God to save you and pray for me too.  

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I can answer most questions about music and composers compositional styles of the Romantic Style Period and 20th Century style period. I try to keep up with current composers of "classical" music. In these periods I know more about the orchestral aspect. I know a fair amount of keyboard music and other chamber music. I am coming from a low brass perspective as the trombone is my main instrument.


I have history classes in college under my belt, however I believe in lifelong learning so most of my knowledge comes from reading and listening to music for the last 20 years after graduation. I found I didn't really know a subject very well until you try to teach it. I have taught students in schools and at home in lessons about all aspects of music.

Bachelor of Music in Education: Cum Laude

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