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I think this is a piece by Beethoven, since it's in a documentary about him. It's at 11:00 (11 min) in this BBC documentary:

Thanks in advance.

Yes, this is indeed a work by Beethoven. He wrote it while quite young, and it MIGHT HAVE BEEN unpublished during his lifetime (I said it WAS unpublished during his lifetime, but I couldn't confirm that.)

This is from Three Piano Sonatas, WoO 47. It is the second movement (Andante) of the first sonata. (WoO is short for "Werke ohne Opuszahl," English: "Works without opus number.") They are also known as the Kurfürstensonaten, after the Elector they were named for. The overall Sonata No. 1 is in Eb Major, and as per sonata form, the second movement here is in Bb Major.

Here is a wikipedia entry about these sonatas:,_WoO_47_(Beethoven)
-[on edit, this link doesn't work - not sure why - maybe some rules I haven't read. but search Beethoven's works on wiki or youtube or any other source, and look for the works for piano - WoO 47, sonata number one, second movement]

There are several good performances on youtube, including at least one that shows the music.
Try typing (or copying) in Kurfürsten - enjoy! [same advice as above, but just typing "Kurfürstensonaten beethoven sonata piano en Mi bemol" - comes up with all three movements. I have listened to them, and it's all good, but some of the performances are better than others.]

The thing that's bothering me now is:

I love Beethoven, one of my greats. But he did sound a little like Mozart in the early days. This early piano work did sound a lot like Eine Kleine Nachtmusic. But that is a sign of a great composer. Beethoven not only imitated, he improved on the works of previous composers. It just took some time for him to find his own voice.

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