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Good day, Sir.

Forty years ago, I used to watch a French TV broadcast entitled “Portrait de l’univers” (Portrait of the Universe). I found the titles music so beautiful that I asked by phone a person of the French TV what it was. But the “answer” was very curt: “it’s an English record”. No more.

You can hear this music here (the first minute of the video entitled “LE TEMPS QUI PASSE”):

I ask you because this mellow classical piece has certainly a 20th Century style and reminds me of Debussy, Ravel or someone like that.

If you can identify it, thank you in advance.



Dear Canchahel,
I am sorry it took so long to get back to you.  I have been researching this piece of music you have brought to my attention.  I believe you are right that it maybe inspired by Debussy and the rest of the "impressionist composers".  There is a "minimalist" feel here, too.
I have listened to many works and couldn't find one that was very close.  And of course, it couldn't have been written after the late seventies, or at least after 1979.  That weeds out a lot of English composers.  Frederick Delius is the English version of Debussy, and I found no works that sound similar.  I checked all the other English "impressionists" too, and found nothing close.
I'm thinking it was written as a minimalism piece by a composer who has roots or interest in the French impressionist composers.  The me re re do...constantly in the bass line makes me think that way.  If it's minimalist, it's written between post-WWII to 1970-something.
I think it was written in the 1960's.  I checked the British minimalists, Michael Nyman, Gavin Bryars, I have been listening to them for a number of years and they don't really fit.  I checked other lesser known ones to no avail.  Sometimes when I listen to it I think it still could be an early 20th century piece.  At first listening, I thought it might be Poulenc.
It might be that the record has some English pieces on it and one or more non-English pieces.  That would complicate things.  I checked out as many Portrait de l'Univers as I could to see if there are credits at the end to list it.  I couldn't find anything.  I thought I should let you know this info, as vague as it is.  It's really bugging me and I will keep looking now and then to figure it out.


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