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Hi! I'm recently been introduced to classical music, and there is such a broad range of it that I'm finding it a bit overwhelming trying to find music that suits my taste! How do I start this selection process to define my musical taste so to speak? I like a lot of rhythm with heavy emphasis on strings. The song below is currently my favorite. Thank you so much!

Hi Caety!
I have just become a fan of this music for the Downton Abbey!  I really like it, myself.
I looked up the composer, John Lunn, if you look him up in Wikipedia he has done other soundtracks for TV that you might want to check out, I haven't listened to them yet.
It sounds like you would want to try string-heavy movie soundtracks.  "Classical music" is very broad and much of it fits into style-periods that correspond to their creation in history#  This piece sounds like minimalism#  That just means doing much with little material#  Movie scores are often minimalist#  They almost always have a very repetitious and driving rhythm#  Since we are on the subject of British composers here, Michael Nyman is a British minimalist#  He wrote the music to the movie the Piano#  He turned the music into a full piano concerto and there's lots of strings#  I'll put a link at the bottom#  I think you'll like it#  
For driving rhythmic strings, try Vivaldi's Four Seasons#  My personal favorite is "Winter"#  It's a very old one, but a good one#
Another string only work is Sam Barber's Adagio for strings#  It's not fast and driving but it gets very intense and a must listen#  It was composed early in the twentieth century and was used in the Vietnam film "Platoon" near the end of the film#
For a modern string work try Aaron Jay Kernis "Symphony in Waves"#
The "Romantic" style period was in the 1800's and I personally love Gustav Mahler's 2nd Symphony#
Another good symphony is Howard Hanson's Romantic Symphony#  That's on youtube#  three mvt's#
And Beethoven's 5th Symphony is probably the most well known symphony#
Check out the movie music to "Out of Africa"  The music where the airplane is flying over the ground is just fantastic#  It was written by John Barry who did the James Bond music back in the day#
My personal favorite composer is the Russian, Dmitri Shostakovich#  I like Symphony's one, five, ten#my favorite#, and fifteen#  Some of the movements are either all strings or mostly strings and you could check them out, too#  
That will give you a pretty broad sampling of mostly string music#
Feel free to update me on your listening#  Tell me : "I liked this,   I didn't like that, etc#"
then I can suggest more based on your preference of the above works#
Good luck, and happy listening!
Here's some links:  I don't know how to make them clickable#

Looks like the periods turned into pound signs.  Sorry.

Michael Nyman: "Piano Concerto"

John Barry:  "Out of Africa"

Aaron Jay Kernis:  Symphony in Waves   This is all I could find:

Howard Hanson:  Romantic Symphony   mvt 1:

mvt 2 :

movement 3 is more exciting try this first maybe.
mvt 3:

Vivaldi "the four seasons"  "Winter":

Trombone doing the same work.  I can't resist, I am a trombonist:

Very intense!!!
Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony 5 mvt. 3 :

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