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Hi, I wanted to ask a question about performance.
I'm a pianist and I've played it for four or five years, but its the first time that I'm having a concert.I feel so stressed_out performing in front of people and my hands start shaking, but its too important to me that it hours well and I also have a piano exam some months later that is so important...the pieces I'm going to perform are hard and ness concentration.could you give me some advice?
How can I perform them perfectly?
Is there any way to reduce the stresses and have a good performance?
I will be glad if you can help me!
thanks a lot.

First of all, your pieces won't be perfect.  The only person who is able to create a perfect performance is Jesus Christ!  So, plan to drop at least 5% of your notes.  Pros do it, too.  Perhaps you have listened to Horowitz's performance of a Bach prelude (ack! on piano!) in the Busoni transcription.  He starts with an undeniable error.  The story goes he decided to leave it in the recording to prove he makes mistakes, too, no matter his rep.  So, perfect it ain't gonna be.  Don't worry about it.

You will find loads of information on my homepage:  marthabeth dot com
Go to the pedagogy and parents/students sections for files on stage fright, memorization, adults and recitals, and so on.  There are also QA pages for those areas, too (check their separate front doors), in which I answer questions (like yours!).

Start with all of this.  (Your eyes will bug out in fatigue, I'm guessing, at the wealth of info there.)  If you have further questions, let me know, but please do read all that I have to say on my site.

Here's a starter idea:  Don't play anything that hasn't been in your repertoire for a year.  (That means "finished", not the "just starting" stage.)

Best wishes.  You can do this!

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