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I hate to ask such a menial thing, but I know I have heard the classical song before, but I cannot remember it at all, or anything that relates to it.

This is what sparked the enquiry. This is the point in this remix that uses the most coherent part of the melody. Could you please identify the actual peice?


This is not a piece of classical music but pop music dressed up to sound that way.  We've all heard the chord progression - thousands of times - because pop music mainly uses the same movement of chords over and over.  Yes, you've heard it before, many times.
It does seem to be a take-off of the famous "Canon" by Pachelbel, at least in the beginning.
It is in G major and doesn't move to any other key and so does the "Canon".  As for the source, I don't have the slightest idea.  It's not my field.
I hope this helps you out.


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