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I googled classical music for relaxation and study and selected a 31 piece collection that started with Bachīs double violin concerto D minor,2nd movement.Each individual piece showed a picture of the composer as it played.The ending piece was Gounodīs Ave Maria for violin. I wrote the name of each piece but did not note the source of the collection.
I loved it. Canīt relocate it. Driving me to distraction.
Can you help ?

This is not my area of expertise (that is, popular collections of pieces compiled for background music), but I did a little google searching, and came up with this:

It is, at least, 31 tracks, and has those pieces.

If that isn't it, you could easily, with your list, simply compile your own collection. You could easily find those pieces on Spotify and make your own playlist.  Or you could check the pieces out from the library. You might enjoy doing this, as it would give you a chance to hear those complete works, plus, likely, other music by these same composers.

Happy listening,

David Froom

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