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QUESTION: hi there, I'm trying to find out who the composer is for a particular musical piece; I thought it might of been "The Storm" by Beethoven. Anyways, this might be a little idiosyncratic & a bit comical; nevertheless, it's actually played in this old "Droopy" cartoon entitled, " The Flea Circus"  here's the file's address on YOUTUBE

You can just copy & paste the webpage address above into your web browser address bar.

For some reason the video & audio is significantly sped up. The music piece I'm referring to begins playing 30 seconds into the video; it happens very quickly.

ANSWER: I recognize the passage, but can't quite place it. It certainly isn't Beethoven (by "The Storm," you must mean the storm movement from his sixth symphony?). I thought immediately of Wagner or Liszt, maybe the Meistersinger Overture, or the tone poem Les Prelude. But it isn't in those (I checked). The problem is that the passage is transitional/developmental, not thematic, and, I think, leading up to a climactic moment. So it may take a while to figure this out. I'm 99% certain it is mid-late Romantic (so 1850-1890).

If I can get it, I'll let you know.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi there, sorry to bother u again, but I was wondering if u had any luck finding out about who the composer is for that musical piece?

OK, I finally found it.

Wagner, Lohengrin, Prelude to Act 3

If you search for that on YouTube, you'll hear the bit you want identified. Depending on the performance, it starts approximately the 25-30 seconds in.

Sorry it took so long!


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