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My goal is to become an independent integrative health consultant / practitioner. I am very interested in the M.S. in Nutrition at Westbrook. It really fits the criteria for what I feel I want to learn. However when I spoke to Clayton they told me that I should go for the Doctor of Natural Health route at their school and skip master's degree all together so that I could go right into practice rather than having to write a thesis. However the program at Westbrook seems more thorough. What do you think?

Secondly, I am debating whether I want to do the Ph.D. program at Westbrook in nutrition. It's odd that they only call their M.S. and Ph.D. program "nutrition" because it is very much an alternative/natural health program not really dealing with "mainstream" nutrition. Any thoughts on why Westbrook does not use that kind of title for their program?

Thank you!!!

I understand why Clayton told you to just go for your PhD instead of a masters and I agree.  Westbrook has the most comprehensive programs that I have seen in alternative medicine and I highly recommend the school to those who can afford the tuition.

I am not going to speculate as to why their program is labeled nutrition but I will mention that I think it is very wise to provide a complete education in alternative medicine along with nutrition education.  Conventional nutrition programs at Colleges and Universities are in my opinion very poor and focus on government recommendations rather than nutrition that actually promotes health.  Westbrook has a very thorough nutrition program and I think the well rounded education will serve you well.  

Good Luck in your education.

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