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Hi Kay,

Im very appreciative to get your thoughts on this. I completed a B.s. in Natural Health from CCNH in 2009. I have continued in other modalities like energy work and currently life coaching. What I am wondering my degree from CCNH legit? what can I call myself in working with others and what would be a next step in actually doing something with this degree (if its real). I am wondering if I have to go back to school or simply, not be able to work in this field with my 4 year degree. what are some agencies i can go through to get a "title". Sound funny, but I am a person of integrity and this is something Ive been having questions about for some time now.

Thank you so much!!!!

There is a difference between a degree that is legal and one that is accredited. Degrees from Clayton College of Natural Health were legal, but not accredited. You did not say what state you live in, but technically, advertising with a degree from a non-accredited school is a misdemeanor in Texas and Oregon (although to the best of my knowledge it is never held up in a court of law). So, if you don't live in either of those dates then yes, you can practice as a natural health educator with a degree from Clayton. Hope this helps.

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