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Cleaning Up/new windows scratched - fabricating debris?


I recently had three windows (HR Windows from Home Depot, low-E, tempered) installed and all are scratched. Fine scratches cover the entire window and there are several deep scratches as well. I've read some info about fabricating debris and I think this may be the cause. Can the scratches be removed? A rep from HR Windows is coming to look at the windows, and I want to be prepared.
FYI - Home Depot didn't do the installation, so they don't want to be involved. The company that did the installation won't do anything until they hear from HR Windows.


Yes, this very possibly could be scratches caused by fabricating debris. Can you send me a photo of the scratches? Who did the initial cleaning of the windows?  

The scratches may be removed as long as they are not very deep. By "not very deep", I mean if you can run your fingernail over the scratches and your fingernail doesn't seem to fall into a groove, the scratches may not be too deep.

You will need to contact a professional that is trained in glass restoration. The professional will have to buff out the scratches with a high speed buffer and slurry mix. The price for this varies, but is usually about 1/3 of the price to replace the windows.

Please let me know if this is helpful or not.


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