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Ok, so I need help with my room. I am 10 years old. Please answer by tomorrow!
So, my mom wants me to clean my room tomorrow. So, it is SUPER messy. I have 2 boxes to unpack, clean under my bed, beside my bed, the floor, organize, do laundey..ETC! So, I am moving and I need to get rid of clutter. How do I get rid of stuff I had for so long and it is hard for me to give it up!? And, how do I unpack those boxes. Help me please step by step on the cleaning. And..Thanx!

Hi Angel;

Well, that is a big job! But, I will send you a list of hints to follow that should make it pretty easy.

Go through your closet and drawers and get rid of everything that doesn't fit, that you don't like, things you haven't worn in over a year. Put these in a bag for good will nd mark the bag--don't forget to go through old shoes too.

then take all of your dirty clothes and put them by the washing machine and throw a load of whites in the washer. This can be washing while you are doing the rest.

Now go through your room and get rid of everything that you haven't used for a while, all papers etc. that are garbage. Throw that away. Check in your closets and under the bed too.

Under the bed:
Check to see what you have hid under there and if it will fit in a dresser drawe, closet or on some shelves.

Now go through the boxes:
What are you going to keep, display in your room or get rid of.

Things that mean a lot:
We all have things that mean a lot, but if we don't use thm and just have them stored in a closet it doesn't pay to keep them. So, keep that in mind. If it is like stuffed animals-you can get a pet net at the dollar store, hang it in the corner of your room and display all of your favorite animals in it. Get the idea?

If it is a collection of something:
Make one dresser top or area of your room to display this, so everything is together.

If you want to give me some idea of what is in the boxes and what else you have in your room, I can give you some more ideas.

Good luck Angel!
Jan Hayner

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