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Cleaning Up/Poop on Rug


My pitbull boxer mix woke me in the night, I let her into the yard.

Apparently she had tried earlier - at 1pm next day I found two piles of poop on the oriental rug.  So it has already been there many hours.   It is at least 8X10 valuable rug.  I usually have it washed by hand washed professionally - very expensive people, but it therefore has been cleaned.


I've just left it there for now.  Doubt if you can reply in time.


Hi Doreen,

So sorry to hear about your rug.  If your rug is valuable, it would be best to have the rug re-cleaned professionally.  If this is not an option, then do the best you can to scrape up the mess and then use a mild soap (such as ivory dishwashing liquid) and cold water to clean up the stain.  Be sure to never oversaturate the rug with water and blot with white towels as you go.  You don't want the colors to run from the rug being too wet.  Hopefully soap and water will work on the rug's stain, but if it doesn't, a product called Spot Shot seems to work fairly well in these situations while causing minimal damage to high-end carpets.  Hope the information is helpful!


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