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when I tried to get spots out of my mom's carpet I thought I would use a scrub brush, and some homemade environmentally friendly laundry soap, (washing soda, vinegar, and water, I think, let stand until dried out) luckily it was just a 5 inch circle, the color ran, all brownish color now there is a spot that is ugly and I can't get it out with this spot remover, now it is a bit orange rather than brown. I don't know where it was made or anything.

I was wondering if there is something I could do, bleach would damage it, baking soda didn't work. what could I do?

The color of the carpet is blue with the pink and blue and dark brown flower, brown and beige sort of spirally patterns. It is close to the border, the blue border has been salvaged more than part closer to the inside and some fibers seem to be shabby.

Is it irreversible?



Hi Penny,

So sorry to hear about your rug.  Color running is a tricky issue, and most likely one that will require professional assistance.  The issue of the fibers seeming shabby is probably a result of the scrubbing, and unfortunately, this is irreversible.  

Do you think you might be able to email me a pic of your rug along with one of the stain?  If I know what kind of rug you have, this will help me to let you know what options you have.  I wouldn't want to give you advice that for your particular rug would only make it worse.  You can reach me at


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