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Carpet stain
Carpet stain  

Carpet stain
Carpet stain  
As I was cleaning my fans with kaboom with bleach some dripped on my brown carpet and left a yellow bleach stain. How am I able to clear out the stain or fix it. My apartment will try to keep my deposit thinking they are pet stains. Please help!

Hello Alyssa,
I'm so sorry for your predicament. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but bleach stains are pretty much irreversible, especially on synthetic, wall-to-wall carpet. But, there is something you can try which might be a fix that works long enough for your walk-through so you can get your deposit back. First, you're going to want to rinse the stain area to make sure there is no bleach remaining. Then, you'll want to go out and find a permanent marker (like Prismacolor or Sharpie) in the exact same color as your carpet. Then, color in the stain and run a low iron over the carpet with a cloth or towel in between the iron and the carpet. This should last for a couple days if you don't walk over the area, and it should help. If the stains are super tiny, as they look in the pic, I would try and not do anything and just hope they don't notice because you could just draw more attention to it. I'm sorry to not have better news!

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