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QUESTION: I am attempting to sell an oriental rug for a disabled friend. I do not know the age or origin of the rug, nor do I have any idea about its value. Can you advise me on how to determine its value if any? The rug is 10 feet by 12 feet and has oriental horse carrying soldiers and what looks like angels on the outer border. I don't  find any labels except a care label. It appears to be hand made, but I don't know anything about this sort of thing. Any advice would be appreciated. The rug is in Colorado.
Thank You kindly,

ANSWER: Hello Mary,
Thank you for your email. I'm happy to help you figure out what kind of rug you have. Would you be able to email me some photos? If you could provide me a close-up of the back of the rug where the fringe meets the pile, that would also be most helpful. The exact dimensions and any notes on condition would be appreciated. I can let you know what you have!

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Close up of back
Close up of back  

Horse image
Horse image  
This is my second attempt to send pics. Hopefully it works this time. The rug is in very good shape the pile is soft with no apparent traffic wear. There are a couple of small places where the frindge needs to be reattached. Please let me know if the pics are ok and if you need more.
Thank you so much for your time assistance.

This appears to be an Indian rug from the 1980s. It is in a Persian design, but there are only two close-up pics of the back, so I can't tell exactly what the color scheme or entire look of the rug is like. It is highly unlikely that this rug is 10x12. Is it possible that it is 9x12 or 10x14? Also, the pic of the horse that you sent me looks like part of the back of the rug is soiled or may have some cat claw pulls on it. Is the condition of this rug okay on the front? Are there any stains or smells? When it comes to resale of a used rug, color scheme and condition can make or break it. Without seeing a pic of the front, my thoughts are that this rug is probably a bit dated in style and color, and perhaps your friend will get the most bang for her buck if it is donated to charity for a tax write-off instead of sold. I'd need to see a full-size pic to be sure, if that is possible. Just let me know. If using this site to send pics is too hard, please feel free to use my email: Thanks!  

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