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Cleaning Up/hand woven Iran rug


Hi there I have a well what I believe a hand woven antique  Iran rug wool I want to sell it. It's very large but on the u per right left hand Corner on the boarder there is dye bleeding from some time ago. Do you have any suggestions to get it out or would I be best to pay for a appraisal and ask who or if I could go to some company to fix it if possible for best sale price

Hello Seaneen,

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is "it depends." Can you email me some photos of your rug and also a photo of the damage ( I would also need to know the size of the rug. Color running can only be professionally repaired, and it is one of the more costly repairs to do without always the best outcome, so without seeing the rug, my initial suggestion would be to sell it as-is, and not invest another penny in it. Of course, this advice could change depending on the rug, so I will await photos from you.

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