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pattrish44 wrote at 2009-05-20 16:49:21
Totally awesome.  I just moved into a very old apartment. Must have been smokers for years and years. Used the Ivory and everything is coming out of the paneling. To bad I can't just replace it. But with your advice I can breathe much better. I cannot believe how much better it looks and smells. Thank you for your advice. I will pass it along.  Wish I still had an excuse to paint........Maybe later on.  Thanks again. Pat

Travis Rogers wrote at 2014-10-20 01:14:12
Thank you so much on the advice for cleaning panneling,  worked Wonderfully. I Rate your Artical a 10+.

Cleaning Up

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Jean Singleton


After many years of being a professional housekeeper it is now my hobby to clean, clean, clean using low cost or make it yourself products that work better than most brand name items! I can help solve problems that seem as serious as large amounts of candle wax spilled on a new rug!


Owned restaurants and cleaning services for 20 years.

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