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Cleaning Up/Yellow Bleach Stain


Aj wrote at 2007-07-22 20:38:45
To Katie.  Was frantically searching for answer to yellow stain on white cotton (with spandex) from bleach application.  Found your answer of hydrogen peroxide and tried it.  Special shirt good as new.  Love you forever.

kelliescabin wrote at 2009-05-02 16:09:02
I had a white duvet cover that I accidentally got purple dye on. When I used bleach on it, the purple dye turned bright yellow. I tried everything! Peroxide, vinegar, lemon juice and sunlight. To no avail. My last step was Rit White-Wash. The stain is GONE! This is the best product Ever!!

Kelly wrote at 2011-07-21 04:06:01
While starting a load of laundry, I just spilled bleach on my husband's white cotton Polo shirt and it left a big yellow stain right in front after the wash cycle was done. It would not wash out. I went online and tried recommended remedies of vinegar, and then detergent, then soaking, to no avail. But I then smeared a paste of OxiClean and warm water and bingo! The stain came out immediately.  

       Of note, I did this all before putting it in the dryer. I imagine if it had been dried the stain would have been set for good. I always inspect my wet laundry for residual stains before tossing in the dryer.  

Susiehemaker wrote at 2012-12-21 03:27:35
Hey guys! I was grieving over ruining my winter white pants. First, I got lipstick on them. Desperately trying to get the lipstick out, I tried chlorine bleach, which left those ugly yellow bleach stains. Then I started trying everything. Guess what worked...Bar Keepers Friend! The lipstick and yellow stains are gone!  

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