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Young Town Quartz 12888
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I have a cool clock but it keeps losing about 1 min every hour, even with a fresh battery. I've looked on the Internet for replacement movements but it seems people use the same terms to describe different parts of the movement. For example, a 1/4" clock may refer to the total shaft length from one vendor and just the threaded shaft length from another.

My movement is from Young Town Quartz, model 12888 (picture attached). It has a threaded shaft about 1/4" long, and the overall shaft is 1/2" long. All of the hands are push on/pull off. It has a smooth sweeping second hand.

With this information, can you recommend a replacement movement and where I might find it?

Thanks so much for any help.


We do sell this YoungTown short shaft movement but ours is not continuous sweeping. The second hand will move one time per second. You can see it here:
Hands to fit it are here:

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