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Amy wrote at 2014-08-28 14:39:30
I have two grandfather clocks that look exactly like that. There is a moon and sun on one and a sun and ship on the other. These are kit clocks . The one that I have dates 1983 and the other I have had since 1998 but unsure of when they put them together.  You can buy them and put them together yourself back in the day. good luck and that clock looks like u kept it in good shape. Make sure it gets oiled but a clock man every 6 years I think.

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I'm a big history buff with antique time clocks. Old employee punch clocks, and a big collector, and also a restorations expert when it comes to these clocks.I will help anyone with antique clock questions.We are a full restoration business doing all types of wood work, from restorations on jags,benz,woody wagons, anything made of wood.We resto anything thing mechincal.Please note I no longer supply values on all experts.PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR VALUES ON YOUR CLOCK. Thank you


Over 25 plus years in antiques- please no I no longer give free apprasils or do any apprasils of any kind threw all experts, please visit my web site or call if you need that kind of help, I charge on my website for values, I only try to help you with light repairs and bit of history and or finding you a supplier for parts 607-239-6415


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