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I bought it several days ago it runs 1 to 2 min. behind it was chiming correctly then I noticed last night it missed 9:30&10:00.I could hear it s gears but it didn't chime.I haven't noticed it miss any more.I also do not know how many turns I should wind there are 2 places to wind it.

Hi Sheu,

The two places to wind the clock are the winding arbors. One is for the striking of the clock the other is for the time keeping of the clock.

A 35 day clock goes for 35 days. That's a big mainspring. Most other clocks go for 8 days. You need to wind the clock probably at least 13 turns on each side when the mainsprings wind down.

The time adjustment is on the pendulum itself. With your thumb facing you turning it to the right makes the clock go faster. Turning it to the left makes the clock run slower.I would turn it to the right one turn to see if that brings it closer to keeping the correct time. Mainspring clocks run on time when first wound. After the spring starts to run down they loose a few minutes. Don't try to adjust the time when the clock is wound down. Then it will just run faster when it's wound up again.

If the gears are moving but the clock isn't striking you should look at the hammer hitting the gong to see if there is a problem there.

Hope this helps.
The Clocklady

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