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Hi John. i have recently inherited a grandfathers clock. It was transported by a well known company, but was unfortunately damaged. It was transported lying on it's back with the right hand side weight still attached. The pendulum was removed. i tried to get it going, but no luck. Closer inspection revealed that the top spring leave which is attached to the pendulum driving mechanism was broken. The transport company send a watch repairer to fix it. The clock now runs for 3 to 4 minutes and then stops. The weights are in the correct position. The repairer did spray some lubricant on the clock works. Name on the back plate: 76 Hermle no 101 juwels. 461-053

Can you please assist?

Chris, there were a few mistakes made with your clock.  First, a clock should never be moved without removing the weights and pendulum.  At some time the suspension spring was broken.  It could have been when the pendulum was removed or replaced.  Or it could be that it was broken before the move.  That is an inexpensive issue.  If the pendulum is swinging for ten minutes or less, it can be doing so under it's own momentum, as the clock might not be running at all.  One of the rules in clockmaking is that spraying a clock with something is against all good practices.  As the lubricant (if it was a lubricant) is sprayed over all parts, they collect dust and foreign matter, and it also pulls the lubricants in the proper places out and renders the pivots and bushings, etc, dry.  In physics it is know as transfer by surface tension.  If it was something like WD-40, the clock will have to be completely dismantled and cleaned multiple times to eliminate all traces of the substance.  It will contaminate our cleaning fluids when immersed in them.  I'm surprised that even a watchmaker would spray a clock.  Ask him if he fixes watches by spraying something on it.  And I always have to say that I use WD-40 to solve many problems and preserve metals, but clocks is not one of them.  From your information, your clock movement was made by Hermle in 1976 and it has no (0) Jewels.  The 461 is an 8-day Westminster chime chain driven movement.  I represent moving companies in my area and service claims for shipping damage. I have taken a few calls that "inexperienced  clockmakers" have set up and the companies have always made it good.   I would certainly insist that the company that was responsible for moving your clock work with you and have it repaired properly.  But be prepared to answer some questions concerning if the clock was running properly before the move.  An experienced clockmaker should be able to tell if the clock was not running because of a previous condition or if something was damaged during the move.  I hope this helps a little and if you have any more questions, get back with me.

John Newman
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama  

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