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Front of Fit up
Front of Fit up  

Back of Fit up
Back of Fit up  
It's 1 7/16 inches across, and about 1/4 inch deep.  It says Tochigi Tokei Co on the back, and is an insert into a Waterford crystal base.

Keeps good time as long as I reset it each day as it gets hung up every night on some indeterminate time.

As you can see from the pictures the face says Waterford and the setting mechanism is on the back.

Possible to have the get a fit up using the Waterford face?

When I was in Ireland about 10 years ago I asked the folks at the Waterford factory about these fit ups and was told they offered a life time warranty but the defective unit would need to be returned to them. I know they closed the factory in Waterford but have other plants around the world and a warehouse back east.
Having said that: If you can't get them to replace it, and you need to keep the face with the Waterford logo you will need to have a watch maker repair or change the movement.
You can purchase new, complete fit ups that will slide straight into your crystal piece.
I stock a unit like yours. Like I said, the Waterford logo will not be there. Also, my bezels are gold, not silver. I could order you a silver one though.
You can see them here:


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