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clock escapement
clock escapement  
Mr. Perkins:

I have a 7 year old Franz Hermle (1052-020sk movement with a second hand) mantel clock which was "professionally" cleaned and serviced last December by a local clock repair service.  I had to bring it back to the clock repair when I noticed that the night silencer lever was not protruding far enough to be easily moved.  After I got the clock back it did not run well.  I did not return to the repairer due to my lack of trust in his work.  The clock has been limping along since with speed issues.  I have adjusted the speed at the escapment as indicated in the instructions with the clock.  Finally, the clock just stopped.  I could get it running again for short periods by moving the balance wheel, but eventually days or hours later it would stop.  Being a lover of mechanical clocks and mechanically very competent, I decided to remove it from its case and see if I could get it to work properly.  I ensured that the oil locations were clean and removed and checked the platform balance (see photo), then reassembled it.  The clock will now run until I put it back into its case.  After a short while it will stop again.  The case is original and has never been damaged.  Any idea as what could cause the clock to stop when placed back in the case?
Thank you for your assistance.
Ron Miller

First of all I would return the clock to the service man who repaired the clock and insist that the services be accomplished in a suitable manner.  All due respect, the picture you provided is not sufficient for me to examine.  When I have the time, I will try printing and enhancing the picture to see if I can indeed get a good look, then, perhaps make some sort of observation.  Regards WJP

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